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Bad disposal, reinforcement, bank asset quality continues to improve

The regulatory authorities are guiding the banking industry to increase the disposal of non-performing loans. Industry insiders expect that the current relatively high provisioning level of the banking industry is conducive to the sustainability of write-off, strict asset classification, and prohibitive concealment and other requirements are conducive to the continued improvement of the quality of banking assets.

Encourage the increase of bad disposal

Since the beginning of this year, the regulatory authorities have been experiencing frequent policies to encourage bad disposal. Among them, in order to enhance the ability of bank credit to be issued, the Banking Regulatory Commission issued a request recently to make full use of the favorable conditions for adequate provisions, and on the basis of strict asset classification, comprehensive use of write-off, cash collection, batch transfer, etc., to increase the disposal of non-performing loans. Intensity, it is strictly forbidden to conceal hidden non-performing loans, and strictly investigate illegal behaviors such as false appearances and false transfers of non-performing assets.

The industry believes that the main purpose of the above policy is to accelerate the release of invisible banks.

The data shows that the bank’s provision coverage ratio was 178.70% at the end of the second quarter, and the loan provision rate was 3.33%, both higher than the regulatory requirements. Lian ping, chief economist of Bank of Communications, said that the relatively high provision level guarantees the sustainability of large-scale write-offs. The effect of relevant regulatory policies is expected to appear in the second half of the year. Banks use more provisions for non-performing loans. Disposal and write-offs are possible.

In addition to the traditional relying on profits and provisions for write-offs, more channels for poor disposal are expected to be exerted. The Banking Regulatory Commission previously issued the “Administrative Measures for Financial Assets Investment Companies (Trial)”. The industry expects that the stock banks have stronger incentives to separately set up financial asset investment companies, which is expected to become the main force for the next phase of expansion. In addition to asset management companies, financial asset investment companies may inject new vitality into the bad disposal market.

Non-performing loans are expected to remain stable throughout the year

According to data from the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, at the end of the second quarter, the balance of non-performing loans of commercial banks was 1.96 trillion yuan, an increase of 182.9 billion yuan from the end of the previous quarter; the non-performing loan ratio of commercial banks was 1.86%, up 0.12 percentage points from the end of the previous quarter; At the end of last quarter, it fell by 12.58 percentage points.

In terms of categories, at the end of the second quarter, the non-performing loan ratio of rural commercial banks increased by 1.03 percentage points to 4.29%, and the non-performing loan ratio of state-owned banks and stocks decreased by 2 basis points and 1 basis point respectively. The non-performing loan ratio of urban commercial banks increased slightly. 4 basis points.

“This rebound in non-performing rate is generally accelerated by the accumulation of non-performing loans, which is not a substantial deterioration in asset quality.” Tang Lihua, a researcher at the Hengfeng Bank Research Institute, said that the strict determination of non-performing loans will lead to a proportion of loan losses. Increase accordingly. The current industry provision coverage ratio remains at a relatively high level, and the bank’s risk-reward ability is in a relatively reasonable range relative to the losses that may be caused by stocks and potential credit risks.

From the perspective of listed banks that have published semi-annual reports or performance reports, the quality of these banks’ assets has mostly improved.

“The Bank of China’s recent Securities Regulatory Commission issued a document stressing the implementation of regulatory policies such as non-returning loans and due diligence, and improving the poor tolerance of small and micro enterprises’ loans. These measures reflect the structural orientation of regulatory policies for small and micro enterprise loans.” Huatai Securities principal Financial Researcher Shen Juan said that the follow-up attention should be paid to the growth of small and micro enterprise loans in the second half of the year, the small and micro enterprise loans will be exerted, and the marginal improvement of the operation stability of small and micro enterprises will be improved, and the asset quality is expected to stabilize. Driven by the continued repair of the assets of Dahang, it is expected that non-performing loans in the whole industry will maintain steady state momentum this year.

Lian ping expects that the bank’s non-performing loan ratio will remain at 1.7%-1.9% for the whole year, and it is difficult to see a sharp rise. The loan provision rate may fall slightly.

Still need to pay attention to some risk areas

The industry believes that the current factors affecting the quality of bank assets are not fully clear, but from the perspective of macroeconomic policies and banks themselves, the quality of industry assets will remain relatively stable.

Lian ping stressed that it is necessary to pay attention to the challenges that some potential risks may pose to the quality of bank assets. First, the risk transmission caused by the increase in bond defaults needs to be vigilant. Secondly, the financing channels continue to be tight and comprehensive, and some housing enterprises may face greater financial pressure. In addition, the debt risk of local government platform companies needs to be paid attention to.

Regarding the asset quality prospects, a stock bank executive said frankly: “The current pressure is still very large, and the risk clearing can not be finalized. Recently, the regulatory authorities have requested to increase credit supply. At present, the capital situation in the market is relatively loose, and interest rates are on the downside. Quality is expected to develop in a good direction.”

A series of internal and external factors will help banks maintain asset quality stability in the future. From the perspective of macroeconomics, Lian ping believes that the macro environment of banking business operations is still relatively stable, and the financing needs of market entities will rebound significantly. In the second half of the year, the central bank will continue to make policy adjustments in targeted support, and the trend of social financing scale growth will slow down further. These measures will help ease the liquidity pressure of enterprises and improve the quality of corporate assets. With the increasing emphasis on the financing difficulties and financing problems of SMEs, the targeted measures such as refinancing and refinancing will continue to improve the financing environment and financing status of SMEs and reduce the risk of SMEs.

Tang Lihua said that with the gradual improvement of market infrastructure, the bank’s own means of disposing of non-performing assets can be continuously enriched, such as market-oriented debt-to-equity swaps, asset securitization, etc., plus the provision of sufficient banking industry to maintain stable asset quality. persistent. The increased scale of bank credit will help to dilute the bad. The increased vitality of the company’s own operations will help improve the quality of the banking industry’s assets.

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This Is Why You Will Never Meghan Markle, Duchess Of Sussex, With A Red Lip

Meghan also is not a fan of contouring, according to her make-up artist


Meghan Markle prince Charles garden partyGETTY IMAGES

The Duchess of Sussex is known to be a big fan of pared-back, natural make-up, even opting to keep it low-key on her wedding day. And now, her friend and make-up artist, Daniel Martin has discussed why she likes the natural look and has revealed the one trend you’ll never see her try again: the red lip.

Martin – who was responsible for doing Meghan’s make-up on her wedding day – gave an interview to people Magazine, about Meghan’s make-up dos and don’ts.

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“The one time she did a red lip, she just didn’t feel comfortable in it. She likes to talk and she’s not a fussy person, so she doesn’t want to have to worry about anything. They have so many engagements, you just have to stick with what you know and feel comfortable and confident and just own it.”

meghan markle


When it came to her big day, Martin said it was actually more about skincare than make-up.

The reaction to Meghan’s approach to beauty has been extremely positive, Martin says, especially from mothers of teenage girls whose daughters are finally realising that you don’t need to leave the house with a face full of make-up. He believes that this is a move away from the contouring obsession we have seen on social media and on celebrities for the past few years.

“It’s about owning your own beauty. We’ve been inundated on social media with contouring and highlighting and it’s created this narrative that you need so much make-up to be beautiful, and I think that day when they saw her, it was just her looking beautiful with not a lot on. They embraced her rather than her face first, and that was the intention.

“I’ve had so many moms reach out to me saying thank you for showing my 14-year-old daughter that she doesn’t need to go to school with so much make-up.”

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The UK’s growing tech trade ties with Israel

By Jonathan Josephs

Business reporter, BBC News

13 September 2018

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Image caption

Trade ties between the UK and Israel are growing strongly, particularly in the technology sector

Ami Daniel doesn’t see Brexit as a reason to hold off expanding his company in the UK.

“We intend to invest more and more in London,” says the Israeli businessman, who recently opened an office in London.

Mr Daniel, the founder of Windward, an Israeli maritime data firm, says that the opportunities for his company in the UK are too good to refuse.

Speaking at a recent networking event in London for British and Israeli firms, he explains, “Marine insurance was literally invented here at Lloyd’s of London, and it’s here to stay, and so are we.”

It’s a sentiment many of his compatriots share.


Image caption

Ami Daniel says that London remains a key centre for the global shipping industry

The amount of Israeli investment in the UK has been growing since a UK government scheme called the UK Israel Tech Hub was launched in 2011, and this investment has continued despite uncertainty over Brexit.

The hub aims to boost business links between the two countries, by acting as a one-stop shop to bring British and Israeli companies together.

It helps British firms find Israeli technology that could help them, and it assists Israeli technology businesses in selling their products and services in the UK essential medicines list.

The scheme also introduces investors to start-ups, can help support visa applications, and indirectly points Israeli companies in the direction of the legal and other professional services they will need as they grow in the UK.

Anglo-Israeli business deals totalling £85m have now been secured through the hub, it is claimed,.

Meanwhile, hundreds of British and Israeli companies have been involved in its various activities and events. During 2016-17 this included more than 150 UK and 490 Israeli firms.

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Image caption

Israel’s tech sector has grown over the past decade

Mr Daniel says that while “there is a cultural gap, a gap in how you do business” between the UK and Israel, the UK Israel Tech Hub works as “a great bridge” between the two cultures. He adds that “it puts the people together and creates that ecosystem” to provide opportunities.

There are now at least 337 Israeli tech companies operating in the UK. Figures from the British Embassy in Israel show a 33% growth in the value of their investments in the year following the UK’s decision, in a referendum on 23 June 2016, to leave the European Union.

While the increase was only from £114m ($147m) to £152m, the number of new investors has been sustained, and their investments climbed in value to £298m in the year to June 2018.

London-based nano-satellite firm Sky and Space Global, set up by a former pilot in the Israeli Air Force, was responsible for a big chunk of that latest increase in investment.

Given the success of the UK Israel Tech Hub, and with the Brexit deadline approaching, the UK government is now trying to replicate the model with other countries, starting with Brazil, India and South Africa.

Mr Daniel says that these new hubs should help companies from other countries expand into the UK the same way it’s helped him.

This view is echoed by Hugo Bieber, chief executive of UK Israel Business, a bilateral chamber of commerce that works closely with the UK Israel Tech Hub.

He says that new hubs are “definitely a new source of diplomacy that the UK needs in a post-Brexit environment”.

One of the first Israeli firms to benefit from the UK Israel Tech Hub was electric truck company Tevva Motors.

Media captionThe UK is a ‘great market to start and trial your product’

The business, now based at an industrial park on the outskirts of Chelmsford in Essex, is pouring money into the UK.

It has a team of more than 45 people who are trying to change the way the world moves its goods around. The extended-range electric trucks they are working on are designed to travel at least 100 miles a day with zero emissions.

Founder Asher Bennett says the UK has many advantages for entrepreneurs, such as access to investors, as well as “access to great team members, great engineers, and a great market to start and trial your product”.

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Cyber-attack! Would your firm handle it better than this?

By Mark Ward

Technology correspondent, BBC News

7 August 2018

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Image copyrightTOM HUMBERSTONE

Image caption

The day starts badly for IT administrator Tony Lewis when he reads an email from a hacker

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What’s it like being the victim of a live cyber-attack? What should you do to protect your company from further damage? And should you pay that ransom demand? Technology of Business eavesdropped on a “war games” exercise hosted by cyber security firm Forcepoint that was based on lots of real-life experiences.


IT staff at fictional High Street optician Blink Wink’s head office have been suckered by a phishing email. Someone clicked on a link to a spoof website because they thought the email looked legitimate. It wasn’t. That was two months ago. Today, the proverbial hits the fan…

Tuesday 08:30

Tony Lewis, Blink Wink’s IT administrator, starts his day clearing out the company’s public email inbox of the usual junk and spam. One message stands out. His stomach lurches.

“I have more where this came from. We will be in touch shortly with our demands,” the text says below someone’s name, credit card details and email address.

Tony hopes it’s a hoax, but can’t take the risk. He swallows hard and calls the firm’s security officer, Doug Hughes. Doug isn’t impressed as he’s on holiday in New York where it’s 3:30am.

“This better be good,” he growls. Tony forwards the suspect email.

“Have we validated the credit card number?” Doug asks, tension evident in his voice now. “Is it one of our customers?”

“I don’t know yet,” admits Tony.

Image copyrightTOM HUMBERSTONE

Image caption

Security officer Doug Hughes is having a day to forget…

“Well, when did we get this?” Doug snaps.

“Um… well… it seems we got it yesterday just after I’d left work, so I didn’t notice it until this morning.”

“So we’re at least 12 hours into this?”

“Um, yeah,” Tony mumbles sheepishly.

Tuesday 13:30

“We’ve got a second email,” Tony tells Doug. “It’s a ransom demand for £15,000 in the Litecoin crypto-currency. We have to pay by 22:00 BST or they’ll delete all our customer records.”

“What?” shouts Doug. “I thought they only had one?”

“Um, no. They claim to have them all.”

In a sweat, Doug calls Blink Wink’s legal counsel Grace Bolton for advice. She has to dial in several times as her headset is malfunctioning. Her voice keeps cutting out during the conversation.

“This is obviously a potential breach,” she says. “So do not respond to that message. I’ll need to review existing legislation so we know where we stand.”

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“What about the police?” asks Doug, his romantic city break now thoroughly ruined. “And the Information Commissioner? What about GDpR, who do we notify?”

Tuesday 15:30

Things are spiralling out of control for Blink Wink. The hackers have posted a tranche of customer names and credit card numbers on pastebin, a public website for sharing text and source code.

Doug has now confirmed that the data is genuine.

“Shouldn’t we shut down the website?” asks Tony. “Then we’ll limit the risk.”

Grace butts in. “Before we do that, who do we need to tell first? What’s our data breach policy?”

“I thought that came from legal,” says Doug.

“Aren’t you the data protection officer?” Grace asks Tony.

“Nope, not me…”

Image copyrightTOM HUMBERSTONE

Image caption

No-one at Blink Wink seems very sure what they should be doing in this situation

“God, is it me?” asks Doug despairingly. “Anyway, if we pull the website that’ll just draw attention to ourselves won’t it? Not sure that’s the right thing to do.”

“Me neither,” says Grace.

Blink Wink’s head of public relations, Sandra Ellis, has been looped in to the conversation.

“This isn’t looking good,” she says rather obviously. “We’ve failed to protect our customers’ private data. We could get really hammered for this.”

She points out that the firm has a “buy one get one free” contact lens promotion running at the moment.

“We’re driving people to the website right now. Are their details being stolen too?”

“Very possibly,” says Doug. “We’ve got to shut down the site – or parts of it anyway. And then we’ve got to decide whether to pay the ransom.”

Tuesday 17:00

Sandra Ellis has drafted a public statement but doesn’t propose releasing it to the media until people start asking questions.

“We’ll just say we are experiencing an incident and do it reactively,” she says.

“Not an incident – a breach,” Doug advises.

“No, don’t use the word ‘breach’ – not yet anyway,” chips in Grace, thinking of the legal ramifications. Tony bursts in on the conference call.

“We’ve found some malware! We saw an email come in that went to quarantine so we checked it out and it had an attachment. That could be it.”

“You didn’t click on it did you?” asks Doug, his day going from bad to worse.

“Um… I just thought it would speed things up…”

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